Years 2016
Set Appearances N/A
First TV Appearance "The Way To Battle"
Special Armor N/A
Family Crest N/A
Weapons & Gear N/A
Quote "Hahahahaha!"
Voice Actor N/A

Witches are beings living in the Kingdom of Knighton. They seem to reside in isolated areas and brew up spells for their own intentions. Only one witch was appeared in the series so far, and has not yet been shown to be an antagonist.


In the short "The Way To Battle,"[1] the Fortrex drives through and into a forest, which startles the witch brewing a potion. After ruining her potion, Nexo Knight Clay Moorington then pops out of the Fortrex to ask her where he could find the nearest battle occurring.


This particular witch's design is based on a common depiction of witches in popular culture, as she is depicted with ghastly green skin that is covered in warts, and well-defined cheekbones. She can be seen wearing a black, tattered dress with a green colored belt with a gold buckle, and another belt with her potions attached to this belt. Additionally, she is also wearing a high-collared dark cloack and a large black brimmed hat commonly associated with wizards and witches in popular culture - similar to the one that Merlok 2.0 wears - with a buckle.


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