Tighty Knighties
Tighty Knighties
Years 2016
Known Members Shia LaBlade
Jousting Bieber
Brickney Spears
The Blok
First TV Appearance The King's Tournament
Part Knights
Allies Nexo Knights(?)
Enemies N/A
Leader Jorah Tightwad
Status Active

The Tighty Knighties are a team of young sportsmen with advanced technology in the LEGO Nexo Knights universe. Although they are knights, they do not protect the kingdom of Knighton, having little to no fighting experience. Instead, they compete in tournaments and competitions, demonstrating their incredible skill.

They are mostly seen performing shows and sports acts, and do not seem to have any true experience on the battlefield compared to the Nexo Knights.



  • All of them have names based off of real-life celebrities.
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