Shia LaBlade
Shia LaBlade
Years 2016
Set Appearances N/A
First TV Appearance The King's Tournament
Special Armor Nexo Armor
Family Crest Diamond
Weapons & Gear Longsword
Quote "'But they are the best, and they proved it.."
Voice Actor Garry Chalk

Shia LaBlade is one of the members of the Tighty Knighties.


Shia LaBlade would eventually grow up to be hired as a member of the Tighty Knighties. Not much is known about his past prior to these events. One day, when Jestro was attacking a village, the Tighty Knighties and their mentor came across the Book of Envy.

The King's Tournament

Shia entered the tournament alongside the rest of the Tighty Knighties, as they were ordered to compete against them. He was set to go against Clay Moorington. For both of their rounds, LaBlade came out victorious. Once Jestro and his monsters attacked, however, the Tighty Knighties recognized that while they were more skilled sportsmen, the Nexo Knights were superior knights.


  • His name is a pun on Shia Labeouf's, a famous actor.


TV Series

Season 2

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