Years 2016
Set Appearances N/A
TV Episodes N/A
Special Armor Knight Armor, Helmet
Minions & Followers Lava Monster Army, Book of Monsters
Weapons & Gear Gauntlets, Mace
Quote "My enemy's anemone is my enemy too!"
Voice Actor N/A

Sharkerado the Moat Stalker of Doom is an antagonist in the Nexo Knights universe. He is a member of the Sea Monsters.


Book of Monsters Description

Let me tell you something about moats - those pesky little pools of water that you find "protecting" your kingdom's fanciest castles. They don't work! Why? One word: SHARKERADO. This sea monster may hail from the ocean's shadowy depths, but he does some of his best work in Knighton's freshwater moats. Think that drawbridge will protect you? Sharkerado will bust through it with his hammerin' hammerhead! Or he'll drag you down with his Morning Star of Shadow. And that's exactly what you'll see: stars. Well, and then you'll say: "Glug-glug-glug". You know, because you'll be underwater... face-to-face with... SHARKERADO! THE MOAT STALKER OF DOOM!


  • Moats are useless to defend against him.
  • He hates having no phone reception in the ocean, as he keeps missing text messages.
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