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Queen Halbert

Character image 360x480 QueenH

Armored Queen

Years 2016
Set Appearances 70325 Infernox captures the Queen
70349 Ruina's Lock & Roller (armor)
First TV Appearance All episodes
Special Armor Golden Armor
Family Crest Dragon
Weapons & Gear Cape
Quote  ?
Voice Actor Nicole Oliver

Queen Hammerin[1] Halbert ("The Kicker Of Butts") is one of the minor characters in Nexo Knights. She rules over the Kingdom of Knighton with her husband, the King, by her side. She is mother to Princess Macy. The queen is a the gold knight and commoner that that married into royalty. Her relationship with Jestro was somewhat distant, much like the King's relationship with Jestro, which eventually lead the jester to become evil.

Description Description

"Queen Halbert may present herself as the respectable Queen, but she used to be quite a warrior. She is quite capable at defending herself (and her husband) and it makes her heart swell with pride that Macy is a knight."

The Book Of Monsters Description

"Sheesh, the Queen comes from a long line of bashers, mashers and outright monster haters. What a pair of Royal Losers. He's Mr. Promote the kingdom, and she's Mrs. Let's mash some monsters. Hey, Halbert broke with tradition and married a woman of common stock. Gotta give him some props for not marrying an entitled princess."


The Queen is a rather understanding and patient figure, and incredibly supportive of her daughter. She is crafty and resourceful and can make a weapon out of anything she can get her hands on, and she is incredibly protective of her husband. 


  • The name Hammerin, is a play on hammer - her weapon of choice - and either the name Cameron, or the name Erin.



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TV series

Season 1


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