Character image 360x480 Jestro


Years 2016
Set Appearances 70316 Jestro's Evil Mobile
70323 Jestro’s Volcano Lair
70352 Jestro's Headquarters
70356 The Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction
TV Episodes All
Special Armor Jester hat
Tattered red cape
Minions & Followers Book of Monsters (Formerly)
Lava Monsters (Formerly)
Forest Monsters
Sea Monsters
Stone Monsters
Weapons & Gear Staff
Quote "I'm super bad!"
Voice Actor Vincent Tong

Jestro is one of the main antagonists of Nexo Knights. He is the cohort of Monstrox.

Descriction Description

Jestro is not bad. He is just no good at being good. Or funny for that matter. He was King Halbert’s jester and every day people laughed at him. Except for when he actually tried to be funny, then they fell silent. One day Jestro had enough and he seized the opportunity to become so powerful that no-one would ever dare laugh at him again.


Jestro tried to be a wizard, then a knight before finally becoming the jester of King Halbert's court. As the king's jester, he would always ruin his own performances which caused him to be the laughingstock of Knighton . He would also be upset with his attention being stolen by Merlok the Magician. He found a friend in Clay Moorington, who would later become his enemy.

Season 1

Embarrassed by being a laughingstock with the citizens of Knighton, combined with his jealousy of Merlok, Jestro turned to evil and decided to wreak havoc with the Book of Monsters; who he found in Merlok's library. He was persuaded by the book to become a "bad boy", in order to finally be taken seriously among his peers. They worked together to summon a Lava Monster Army. ("The Book of Monsters - Part 1")

The army, commanded by Jestro, then executed many attacks, though the Nexo Knights showed up to save the day every time. ("The Book of Monsters - Part 2", "Alliance of the Fortrex", "Jestro the Bad... The Really, Really Bad")

Season 3

Season 5


Before his corruption, Jestro had white skin, a black cape, and purple and teal striped clothing; including a jester hat.

After his corruption, Jestro remained white-skinned, but the teal on his clothing changed to red. He also gained a skull necklace, his clothing became tattered, and his eyes and teeth turned yellow. His twisted smile was complete with lipstick.

Jestro lived through most of his life with constant self-esteem issues. These were later recitified when he was given the chance to become evil and show the kingdom who was boss. After being corrupted by the Book of Evil, he grew both insane and sure of himself and season 3 Jestro is contolled by Monstrox and finds forbidden nexo powers.


  • A life-sized LEGO sculpture of Jestro was present at New York Comic Con 2015.
  • He owns a vehicle called the Evil Mobile.
  • He yelled at the book of evil in a vacation for clay.
  • He shares the same voice actor as Kai, the Ninja of Fire from LEGO Ninjago.
  • He is corrupted once more in the 3rd season.


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