Clay Moorington

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The Gray Knight

Years 2016
Set Appearances 70315 Clay's Rumble Blade
70317 Fortrex
70330 Ultimate Clay
70321 General Magmar’s Siege Machine of Doom
70351 Clay's Falcon Fighter Blaster
70353 The Heligoyle
70356 The Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction (stone)
First TV Appearance All episodes
Special Armor Nexo Armor
Family Crest Eagle
Weapons & Gear Claymore Sword & Nexo Shield
Quote "'Scuse me ma'am! Hello. Which way is the battle?"
Voice Actor Giles Panton

Clay Moorington is one of the five main heroes of Nexo Knights. Clay is the leader of Nexo Knights.


Clay is the leader of the Nexo Knights in a quest to save Knighton from Jestro. He is an orphan.[1] He strives to be the best knight he can be. It is revealed in"Fright Knight' that Clay has a fear of failing, especially in the Knight's Code. Description

Clay is all about being a knight. He grew up as an orphan and spent every day striving to become one. Now that his dream has come true, he spends every day training his moves, learning new skills or fighting evil. And when he finally sleeps, he dreams of all the heroic deeds he will perform tomorrow.


Clay, like all the other Nexo Knights, has a newly-molded helmet and shoulder armor that depicts his trademark family crest on his torso. His suit's torso and legs are a gray colour, while his arms are silver and his hips and hands a dark blue colour. He is complete with orange highlights.

Without his helmet, he has spiky, brown hair. He is usually seen with a smirking expression.


Orphaned at a young age, Clay was placed under the care of Merlok the Magician.

He aspired to be a knight ever since he was a little kid. As a child and freshman of the Knights Academy, he was watching the knight games with Merlok when a thief stole a lady's purse on the spectator's stands and runs away through the arena. Clay immediately sprung into action and stop the thief by taking a lance and a mecha steed to fling the thief away and return the purse to the lady.

Season 1

The Book of Monsters - Part 1


Good Knight Clay Moorington

Clay decides to have a walk around the forest to have fresh air. However, 2 Lava monsters followed him and he seems that he does not notice them and he swore off fighting at that time. But this is not the case as he notices the monsters and fought them anyway. Using a new Nexo Power given by Merlock 2.0, he defeated the monsters easily by using a new Nexo Power to allow the top part of the vehicle become a flying jet. Upon returning to the Fortrex, he denied that he did not fight during the walk, much to the annoyance of Macy and Aaron who have seen through his lies.

Season 2



  • His name is a pun on the word "claymore ", which is a double-handed, Scotch sword. 
  • A LEGO sculpture of Clay was presented at the London Toy Fair 2016.
  • The cartoon version simply had an eagle in blue, white instead of a lightning bolt and a tornado, just like on his armor.
  • A constant running gag is that Clay was unable to make witty quotes in battle.
  • In The Power of Merlok, Clay mentions that he only sleeps 2 hours a day. This was enforced further in the episode Back to School as he was fully dressed and was training in the simulation room despite being 5.30am in the morning.
  • Clay seems to be Merlok 2.0's favorite. This was shown as Merlok was constantly with him when he was a child.
  • He broke the fourth wall on the websode: Snake Den by saying at it's ending "Sorry guys, it was Robin's idea".


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TV series

Season 1





  • LEGO Club Magazines

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