Character image 360x480 Axl 2

Axl 2017

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Years 2016
Set Appearances 70317 Fortrex
70322 Axl’s Tower Carrier
70350 The Three Brothers
70354 Axl's Rumble Maker
First TV Appearance All
Special Armor Giant Armor
Family Crest Bull
Weapons & Gear Big Power Axe & Nexo Shield
Quote "I was up all night eating.. that's my training regiment."
Voice Actor Brian Drummond

Axl (Just Axl) is one of the five main heroes of Nexo Knights.


Axl is a giant who is one of the Nexo Knights in a quest to save Knighton from Jestro.


Axl, like all the other Nexo Knights, has a newly-molded helmet and shoulder armor. His visor has horns. His suit's torso and legs are a grey colour, while his massive arms are a silver and his hips and shoulders an orange colour. He is complete with silver highlights.

Without his helmet, he has black mohawk hair. He is usually seen with a faint smile with a bottom tooth sticking out.

Axl is a gentle giant who loves food. Despite his gluttonous personality, he was good at cooking, as he was seen working with Chef Eclair on the right ingredients during the cookout. It is revealed in "Fright Knight" that Axl fears missing out on a meal he is aware of i.e. if he sees a table full of food, but someone else eats it all before he gets the chance to, he will be greatly upset. Description

Axl grew up in a rustic, little town in mining country. He is big, strong and always hungry. Sometimes for fighting, but mostly for something to eat. All that training knight stuff, playing the electrical lute or a computer game with Aaron, can really work up an appetite. Axl doesn’t talk so much, but he is always ready for a little snack. And a big one. And ten more.


Season 1


Sir Axl...The Ever Hungry

During the usual night in the Fortrex, the knights wait for dinner and Axl have the biggest portion, much to the uneasiness of the knights, having bad table manners as he had flung an apple core onto Clay and a bone at a bot. However, the monsters attacked and got mad by them destroying his dinner. He transforms to his ultimate form and defeats the monsters with ease.

Season 2


  • His name is a misspelling of the word "axel" whcih also was the name that the LEGO Group decided to give him in the first place and then changed to Axl, or simply, "axe".
  • He is currently the only knight protagonist without a last name.
  • He is the only knight to currently not be in LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: MERLOK 2.0 App.
  • The reason he is always in his armor is because he likes to be prepared. This was later proven in the webisode Sir Axl...The Ever Hungry when the lava monsters attack the Fortrex during dinner time and Axl was the only one who was ready to get a Nexo Power from Merlok 2.0.
  • His ultimate form does not have full gold, but somewhere grey, it's a difference of the toy.
  • He replaced Clay on the products page at
  • If you remove "A" from "Axl" it will become "XL" meaning "Extra Large", so this is one of reasons why Axl is much bigger than the rest of knights.


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TV series

Season 1





  • LEGO Club Magazines
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