Aero Striker V2
Aero Striker V2 image
Years 2016
Set Appearances 70320 Aaron’s Aero Striker V2
First TV Appearance At least one in 2016
Special Features Split into an Arrow and a Crossbow
Abilities  ?

Aero Striker V2 may refer to 70320 Aaron’s Aero Striker V2. For other uses, visit Aero Striker V2 (disambiguation).

The Aero Striker V2 is Aaron's personal vehicle, which designed the same as his weapon of choice, crossbow.

The Aero Striker built from 2 Vehicles, the crossbow there Aaron's Squirebot is sitting, and the arrow there Aaron is sitting, that 2 vehicles can deatch from eachother, which work the same as the sword in Clay Moorington's Rumble Blade is working. besides shooting Aaron's vehicle, it has other blasters too.

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